Future of work – The ‘new normal’ doesn’t exist

We look at the future of work regarding where we work, when we work together, and how we work, asking, what is a better future, and how might we get there?

Accelerating volunteer journeys with the British Red Cross

Just before Christmas, we kicked off our Making for Good initiative; a pro bono project where we give back, lend our skills and expertise.

Flipping the rules on employee experience

This year has been a major wake-up call for all organisations to rethink the real needs of their people if they want to thrive.

Highstreet to heaven

In recent years, the high street has been in crisis despite playing a big part in the glue that holds communities together.

Making for good – Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

If it feels messy, it means you’re creating good trouble, and creating good trouble means you’re doing great, impactful work.

Afraid new world - The hidden pandemic

Fear is a primal human emotion, born out of self-preservation, rooted deep in our cavemen brains. So how is fear expressed in the workplace?

Making for good – Starting at the end

How we helped the British Red Cross solve a key challenge: find volunteers who would be safe and feel comfortable in a vaccination centre.

Zoom n’ Doom – a.k.a. I’m sick of my face

Existing research shows that mirrors are detrimental to people’s body image – so what does this mean for a world of Zoom calls and self-image-analysis?