Our approach

Make things to change things.

The &us team discussing new ideas
People collaborating in an innovation workshop

&us was born out of a desire to rethink the way consultancies work, and how they work with clients.

Over the years, we’ve worked inside and alongside all sorts of organisations struggling to adapt and grow in the face of rapid change and deep uncertainty. That experience left us frustrated with traditional consulting models that were slow, inefficient and often formulaic. 

“We’re called ‘&us’ because first and foremost, our clients’ progress is our best result. And the ultimate goal is to equip them with everything they need to thrive – without us.”

Paul Archbold, Co-Founder, &us
Our approach

Unleash the spirit of making

We’re a team of makers at heart, and we aim to set the spirit of making free in every organisation we work with. 

That’s because experience has shown us that only by making valuable things together in new ways can people gain the skills, mindset and confidence to really change the way things work. And it’s only when this ground-up change begins to happen that real transformation can take root. 

The &us 'making-led model' that helps companies unleash the spirit of making

Above: Our making-led model creates a 'virtuous loop' that drives transformation and innovation more effectively.

Approach in practice

We put our approach into practice in three key ways – taking our clients along on the journey and instilling our methodology with their team. Through these methods, we can help you grow, discover opportunities and make transformation stick.

A group of Macmillan employees working together

Rally together

We engage teams directly, bringing them together around the shared goal of making something of value to customers and the organisation.

This drives growth, while fostering individual autonomy and buy-in.


The &us team at an away day exploring new ideas

Experiment often

As we work together, teams test assumptions, uncovering challenges and opportunities that they couldn’t have foreseen without getting hands-on.

This creates a wellspring of new ideas for innovation and opportunities to explore.

The &us team in a workshop

Learn while making

As we make, teams develop new capabilities and ways of working, reshaping how the organisation approaches similar projects tomorrow.

This is how transformation sticks and gains momentum.


Underpinning our culture are a set of common attributes and behaviours that shape our work and our decisions.

The &us DNA underpins the company culture

Meet the team

We are strategists, designers and coaches - all focused on helping our clients solve their biggest challenges.


Lauren Baddeley

People + Operations Assistant

Paul Archbold

Partner, Co-Founder

Peter Wadsworth

Senior Innovation Coach

Alexandra Johnson

Partner, Managing Director

Emily Maginess

Growth Director

Steve Quirke

Product Strategy Director

Hattie Camp

Strategy Lead

Charlene Salmon

New Business Lead

Zoë Regent

Transformation Director

George Yiakoumi

Product Designer

Rob Fletcher Isaacs

Partner, Co-Founder

Annabelle Régent

Design Lead

Fiona Tout

Senior Product Designer

Emily Dent

Partner, Transformation

Ben Ingram

Strategy Lead

Laura Hewitt

Transformation Lead

Lucy Hackshaw

Transformation Director

Rama Bown

Product Designer

Imaani Bailey

Product Strategist

Paloma Garat

Transformation Lead

Chris Waite

Finance Manager

Saul Minkoff

Strategy Director

Chris Trantom

Senior Innovation Coach

Ben Serbutt

Design Lead

Alex Matthews-Sisan

People + Talent Manager

Toni Wrigglesworth

Resource + Operations Manager

Zahir Sumar

Senior Innovation Coach

Keith Mak

Senior Strategist

Marcus Fogg

Marketing Manager

Lynn Altayara

Senior Product Strategist

Josh Baddiley

Product Designer

Alex Milinazzo

Senior Innovation Coach

Alex Dodd

Product Strategist

Tamsin Kendrick

Innovation Lead

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