Meet the team - Fiona Tout, Product

Fiona had a non-traditional route into design and has a variety of experience which brings an original and fresh perspective to her work.

Meet the team - Rob Isaacs, Co-Founder

Rob Isaacs, the man with a healthy obsession for building businesses. Find out why he founded &us, what his super power would be if he had one and more.

Curiouser and curiouser – the role of a strategist

What do our strategists do at &us? First and foremost, they show relentless curiosity. Getting to the real 'why' of a challenge is what drives them.

Starting with &us – My onboarding experience

The team at &us made sure to break down the barriers fast. They invest in you from moment one and give you the agency to carve your own path.

&us Retreat 2021

We had our company retreat at Birch over the summer, designed to refuel our team spirit during a complicated year.

What does a transformation coach do?

What it means to be a transformation coach and what it takes to be part of the transformation team at &us.

What makes a designer at &us?

What the discipline of design means to &us and what strengths and creative skills we look for in a designer.

Make changes before waving a rainbow flag

Companies need to do more than 'pride-wash' their logo during Pride Month and show genuine support with their actions.