Meet the team - Fiona Tout, Product

Fiona had a non-traditional route into design and has a variety of experience which brings an original and fresh perspective to her work.

Meet the team - Steve Quirke, Strategy

Steve leads our strategy team, and brings a huge amount of experience – working with businesses like X-Box, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and the UN.

Meet the team - Ben Serbutt, Design

Ben is our Antipodean Design Lead, supporting and guiding our design team through the work, and their careers at &us.

Meet the team - Chris Trantom, Innovation

Chris is a Senior Innovation Coach, helping organisations sharpen their approach, find answers in ambiguity and reconnect to purpose and meaning in their...

Meet the team - Emily Dent, Partner

Emily is on a mission to build &us into a rebel alliance that can really make an impact in the world. What set Emily on this course?

Meet the team - Rob Isaacs, Co-Founder

Rob Isaacs, the man with a healthy obsession for building businesses. Find out why he founded &us, what his super power would be if he had one and more.

Meet the team - Paloma Garat, Transformation

Paloma is one of our resident fire starters, or transformation practitioners. She enjoys helping clients challenge their status quo and find their joy.

&us Retreat 2021

We had our company retreat at Birch over the summer, designed to refuel our team spirit during a complicated year.