Finding the interstellar moment in a universe of possibilities

We uncovered the customer value of a piece of technology and narrowed down the seemingly endless use-case possibilities so the client could move forward.

Meet the team - Steve Quirke, Strategy

Steve leads our strategy team, and brings a huge amount of experience – working with businesses like X-Box, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and the UN.

Why pivoting makes your organisation future fit

We heard about pivoting a lot during the pandemic as a magic bullet, fix-all solution to sudden change – but what actually is pivoting?

What to do when the proverbial hits the fan

We answer what working through uncertainty looks and feels like at a project level – and how teams can adapt to unexpected change.

When is a villain a good thing?

Corporate language can get in the way of identifying your real challenge – that's where this visualisation exercise comes in.

Curiouser and curiouser – the role of a strategist

What do our strategists do at &us? First and foremost, they show relentless curiosity. Getting to the real 'why' of a challenge is what drives them.

Accelerating volunteer journeys with the British Red Cross

Just before Christmas, we kicked off our Making for Good initiative; a pro bono project where we give back, lend our skills and expertise.

Friendly competition – Why we can’t go it alone

Given how fragile our world has proven to be, maybe it’s time to re-capture the original sentiment of what it means to compete.