Web3 – how to test and learn

Beyond the initial hype, Web3 use cases and commercial opportunities are starting to emerge like contracts, royalties, loyalty, added value.

Web3 - how new technologies will revolutionise the music industry

How Web3 technologies might revolutionise not only music, but any industry that deals with licensing, royalties and contracts.

Web3 – how to get started

How to get started using Web3 for innovation in your organisation – and how you can be part of steering the future.

Web3 – the cultural shift of ownership

Web3 technologies including Crypto, NFTs, AI, AR, and DAOs are enabling a culture shift with individuals demanding ownership of their information.

Webinar – how to harness your organisation's purpose for growth

Join our webinar to discover how purpose is a cornerstone of an innovation culture, and how to uncover and embed yours to supercharge growth.

Chat me up - experimenting with ChatGPT

Chat GPT is the latest powerful AI tool, here's how to start experimenting with it so that both it, and you, can learn what it can do for you.

Why pivoting makes your organisation future fit

We heard about pivoting a lot during the pandemic as a magic bullet, fix-all solution to sudden change – but what actually is pivoting?

Good questions - learning from endings

We share our experience of how a good agile retrospective can give you the confidence to be curious and provocative in order to get results.