Good questions – creating great briefs

Great projects start with great briefs. A brief with the right constraints can actually empower creative thinking and produce better work.

The story of a mould, a melon and a war

We all know the fable of Flemming and the forgotten putrid petri-dish of 1928, but the much more interesting story is what happened next.

De-risking innovation through experimentation

Competition is fierce, the race relentless. The path is littered with examples of those businesses that missed the innovation memo.

Break it down - How hip-hop exemplifies the principles of innovation

Hip hop emerged from the Bronx in the early 1970s, reflecting post-industrial decline and a rapidly changing economy.

How to make your purpose more than a Zoom background

After Simon Sinek so eloquently argued for 'purpose' to be at the core of every business, every organisation has had their hand at creating one.

Future of work – Experimenting with the world of work

The Future of Work is a series by &us examining the policies, ideas, and concerns for the future of work.

Why your organisation should look more like a jellyfish

Siphonophores are a creature that has broken from the traditional way of organising its central functions. How should your organisation relate?

Future of work – Designing for hybrid work

Remote work doesn’t work for everyone, and not only for logistical reasons. Ultimately, there are things from both worlds we need to keep and bin.