Meet the team - Steve Quirke, Strategy

Steve leads our strategy team, and brings a huge amount of experience – working with businesses like X-Box, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and the UN.

5 top transformation tips from the frontline

Transformation tips to become fit for the future and to set yourself up for constant change in the face of increasing volatility and complexity.

Chat me up - experimenting with ChatGPT

Chat GPT is the latest powerful AI tool, here's how to start experimenting with it so that both it, and you, can learn what it can do for you.

Why pivoting makes your organisation future fit

We heard about pivoting a lot during the pandemic as a magic bullet, fix-all solution to sudden change – but what actually is pivoting?

Emily Dent on the future of work

When it comes to designing the future of work, one size fits none. Conversation about where and how we work continue to run. So whats next?

Silver linings - learning from businesses that failed

Serial entrepreneurs will tell you they learned more from business failure than success. Why can we learn so much from businesses that failed?

Making progress on purpose

People are often frustrated about change, the unclear path to navigate it, and how to make it happen. Our power lies in relieving that frustration.

Reimagining talent strategies for better recruitment and retention

Smart companies know that top-down management won’t cut it. A bold commitment to redesigning the employee experience is what's called for.