Webinar – Macmillan on innovating a heritage brand

Innovation isn’t and shouldn’t ever be a ‘nice to have’ – especially when it comes to safeguarding a heritage brand.

Webinar – how to harness your organisation's purpose for growth

Join our webinar to discover how purpose is a cornerstone of an innovation culture, and how to uncover and embed yours to supercharge growth.

Progress - a quiet rebellion

What it takes to make progress with impact in an uncertain world full of pandemics, climate armageddon and political upheaval.

Meet the team - Emily Dent, Partner

Emily is on a mission to build &us into a rebel alliance that can really make an impact in the world. What set Emily on this course?

The story of a mould, a melon and a war

We all know the fable of Flemming and the forgotten putrid petri-dish of 1928, but the much more interesting story is what happened next.

How to make your purpose more than a Zoom background

After Simon Sinek so eloquently argued for 'purpose' to be at the core of every business, every organisation has had their hand at creating one.

Why your organisation should look more like a jellyfish

Siphonophores are a creature that has broken from the traditional way of organising its central functions. How should your organisation relate?

Distributed teams – The death of command & control

Having a remote workforce has huge consequences for all elements of organisational success, but perhaps none more fundamental than the role of leadership.