Meet the team – Temi Koleowo, Transformation

A natural solution provider, Temi is part of our transformation team, and is passionate about unlocking people’s potential. She’s supportive to clients, leading them through the challenge of innovation and new ways of working as well as leaning in to colleagues and internal projects.

Emily talk Future of work

Emily Dent on the future of work

What do you expect to be the major disruptions for employers in the next 10–15 years? How should employers pivot to adapt to these disruptions? The future is anyone’s to predict, and a lot can happen in 15 years that will shift the world one way or another. Things are coming down the tunnel at us at warp speed, and …


Making progress on purpose

Frustration for change is something we see quite often in our clients. They see where they want to go, but how to get there, or how to make it happen is tantalisingly beyond their grasp. The power of what we do is in solving that frustration.