Temi Koleowo, Senior Innovation Coach

A natural solution provider, Temi is part of our transformation team, and is passionate about unlocking people’s potential. She’s supportive to clients, leading them through the challenge of innovation and new ways of working as well as leaning in to colleagues and internal projects.

Chat me up

Have you experimented with ChatGPT yet? It’s the latest AI tool that’s blowing everyones minds and giving us an exciting glimpse into the future.

And no, we didn’t get it to write this blogpost.

Harnessing purpose for growth

The purpose of purpose is by now well established: It helps organisations attract and retain top talent, improve decision-making, and build trust with stakeholders, ultimately leading to increased success and a lasting positive impact.  So how do you develop and harness your purpose for growth? We were in conversation with Patrick Mill and Vicki Baker, CEO and CPO respectively at …