Culture soup - streamlining culture initiatives to drive performance

How a European folk tale can help inspire cultural change at your organisation and boost the performance of your people.

Good questions – running workshops

How to plan and run engaging workshops to get to the outputs your organisation actually needs to empower progress.

Good questions – MVPs & defining where to start

When it comes to experimentation and iterating on ideas, it’s important to start small by fixing your sights on a Minimum Viable Product.

Good questions – creating momentum

5 questions you can ask stakeholders to help keep your projects moving forward with greater momentum.

Good questions – creating great briefs

Great projects start with great briefs. A brief with the right constraints can actually empower creative thinking and produce better work.

Future of work – inclusion, bonding, and belonging

With some forethought and collaboration, teams and organisations can ensure everyone feels heard and included.

How to make your purpose more than a Zoom background

After Simon Sinek so eloquently argued for 'purpose' to be at the core of every business, every organisation has had their hand at creating one.

Future of work – Experimenting with the world of work

The Future of Work is a series by &us examining the policies, ideas, and concerns for the future of work.