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We’re Hiring!

&us continues to grow, and fast, and we’re after more brilliant humans to help us in our mission to unleash the spirit of making for our clients. Are any of these you?..

Just the two of &us

We’re really excited to welcome our latest recruit to the team, Coaching Director Lucy Hackshaw.

As well as having built her own agency business, Lucy brings a huge amount of knowledge and experience in coaching and developing teams. We wanted to get to know her a bit better, so we fired some insightful questions her way, including why she chose to join &us, and also what her superpower would be…

Flipping the Rules on Employee Experience

This year has been a major wake-up call for all organisations to rethink the real needs of their people if they want to thrive.

Smart companies know that top-down People “Management” won’t cut it. Instead, a bold commitment to truly looking afresh at the employee experience is what is called for…

Highstreet to Heaven

In recent years, the high street has been in crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic has only thrown this into sharper relief. The government recognises that for society to function, it needs the glue that holds communities together and the high street is a big part of that…

Changing career to a role in UX

In 2018, after several years of trying on jobs for size and almost settling into one, I had decided to make a career change, and found myself taking the plunge out of my secure salaried job to jump back into the uncertainty and financial ruin of student life…

AFRAID NEW WORLD: The Hidden Pandemic

Fear is a primal human emotion, born out of self-preservation, rooted deep in our cavemen brains. So how is fear felt, experienced and expressed in the modern world, in particular in the workplace?..

Making for Good— Starting at the End

While the month of January has flown by faster than ever before, we’ve been busy working with the British Red Cross to craft a seamless journey for volunteers signing up to be part of the mass vaccination efforts…