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We’re a community of problem solvers that partner with organisations to tackle their biggest challenges. As expert strategists, designers and coaches, we partner with your teams to create bold products and services, and develop your own capabilities to work braver and innovate smarter.

We support organisations on transformative journeys with a hands-on approach that accelerates the way value is created.

Rocket: Innovation Strategy

In the last 3 years, we’ve supercharged…

Rocket: Innovation Strategy

Innovation is for everyone

We work with a diverse mix of clients, from small startups with an idea, to industry titans on a mission to reimagine how they work.

Building organisations for tomorrow

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve, make and deliver new products, ideas and ways of working

Doing great work together

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve, make and deliver new products, ideas and ways of working


Over the last three years, we have partnered with global pharmaceutical giant Novartis on their journey towards creating a more innovative mindset within their company, and are helping them create change across the organisation, from the People and Operations team, to Manufacturing, Ethics, and beyond.

River Island

We partnered with UK high street fashion brand River Island to experiment towards an elevated digital shopping experience. Our work has resulted in the development of a new digital hub and an enhanced e-commerce experience that has delivered a significant increase in revenue.

The British Red Cross

In support of their critical recruitment drive for the COVID-19 vaccination program, we helped the British Red Cross implement user-centric design thinking to craft a seamless volunteer sign-up journey and drive momentum and effectiveness.

Post Office

Having embarked on a very ambitious multi-year transformation to become profitable and commercially viable, the Post Office knew they had to catch-up fast. Our partnership helped them catapult their consumer experiences, including travel money and identity verification services, into a mobile-first world.


We partnered with Visionable – a global healthcare telemedicine platform – to modernise and re-launch their end-to-end experience to meet the exacting needs of a complex matrix of globally located patients and health care professionals.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mayku were on a mission to become a household brand and make making accessible to consumers worldwide. We incrementally segmented and redesigned the end-to-end experience which resulted in radically increased sales.

“We partnered with &us to help re-stabilise our product design function and inject some much needed user-led thinking into our digital teams. &us acted quickly to overhaul our design practice, implement more effective cadence and behaviours, and get an internal user-testing programme up and running and feeding into our product enhancements. They brought a solid understanding of product, design and internal capability building.”

“Without &us, Visionable would not have been in such an accelerated position to define our 12-18 month roadmap, and the revenue aligned development steps and product variations required to meet the changing market demands.”

“They’re an incredibly good, fast partner for any new product development and where things need to move quickly and need to be driven by user needs… They have a very human approach to working with clients, and they sort of feel like part of the team which is really important when things move fast.”

“&us were able to be objective in their view of the project and step back and look at the bigger picture. They supported me to constantly challenge myself, my team and the process we had created. Their expertise and insight help form part of a successful volunteer journey, given the tight deadlines. Overall a wonderful experience and really helped break down the big issues in the project into more manageable steps.”

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