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Pink umbrellas above a street

Webinar: Did you do that on purpose? How to harness your organisation’s purpose for growth

Purpose is a strategic tool for growth and innovation. Join our webinar on 30th November to discover how to uncover and embed purpose in your organisation.
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Portrait of Ben Serbutt, Design Lead at &us

Ben Serbutt, Design Lead

Ben is our Antipodean Design Lead, supporting and guiding our design team through the work, and their careers at &us.  Passionate about both creativity and creating for good, read on to discover how he collaborate and connects with colleagues, what inspires him, and how he stays close to his roots.
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Retrospective thinking

Good Questions: Learning from endings 

Retrospectives. An important tool for examining where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Ideally, they should provide a perfect opportunity to learn too–not just from what didn’t go so well, but also what did. Far too often, we only spend time examining the failures, not the successes. The reality is, whether things went well or not, a retrospective is an
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Which one way sign should you pivot towards?

Why pivoting makes your organisation future fit

To pivot is to take a new direction, or make a shift. We heard the term pivoting used a lot during the pandemic as a magic bullet, fix-all solution to sudden change – but what actually is pivoting? Put simply, a pivot is an intentional shift in what a business does or how it operates to better achieve its objectives.
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Emily talk Future of work

Emily’s the Authority on The Future of Work. 

What do you expect to be the major disruptions for employers in the next 10–15 years? How should employers pivot to adapt to these disruptions? The future is anyone’s to predict, and a lot can happen in 15 years that will shift the world one way or another. Things are coming down the tunnel at us at warp speed, and
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Kick starting an innovation culture.

Webinar: How to kickstart a culture of innovation

The turbulence of the last few years is far from over. To thrive, organisations must continually adapt, meaning innovation is more important than ever before.
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Blockbuster failed to innovate.

Silver linings: What we can learn from businesses that failed

Talk to serial entrepreneurs and they’ll almost all tell you for all their successes they’ve also had plenty of failures. They’ll probably also tell you that they learned way more from the businesses that have failed than the ones that succeeded…  Why is that? And why are the learnings so valuable?
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Curious Chris

Chris Trantom, Senior Innovation Coach

Chris is one of our Senior Innovation Coaches, helping leaders and teams sharpen their approach to finding answers in ambiguity and reconnecting them to purpose and meaning in their work. Discover what he loves most about working with clients, what kind of stuff he gets up to each day, and how his super-power would be exceedingly good.
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Six pink and blue topped donuts

How innovation and design thinking can revitalise your charity fundraising

Find out how experimentation and design thinking can help your charity innovate new funding streams.
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Rosie O'Sullivan

Rosie O’Sullivan, Senior Strategist

Rosie is a part of our Strategy team and is a self-confessed annoyer, though asking annoying questions to get to the root of problems genuinely worth solving.
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