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Silver linings: What we can learn from businesses that failed

Talk to serial entrepreneurs and they’ll almost all tell you for all their successes they’ve also had plenty of failures. They’ll probably also tell you that they learned way more from the businesses that have failed than the ones that succeeded…  Why is that? And why are the learnings so valuable?
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Curious Chris

Chris Trantom, Senior Innovation Coach

Chris is one of our Senior Innovation Coaches, helping leaders and teams sharpen their approach to finding answers in ambiguity and reconnecting them to purpose and meaning in their work. Discover what he loves most about working with clients, what kind of stuff he gets up to each day, and how his super-power would be exceedingly good.
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Six pink and blue topped donuts

How innovation and design thinking can revitalise your charity fundraising

Find out how experimentation and design thinking can help your charity innovate new funding streams.
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Rosie O'Sullivan

Rosie O’Sullivan, Senior Strategist

Rosie is a part of our Strategy team and is a self-confessed annoyer, though asking annoying questions to get to the root of problems genuinely worth solving.
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Burning newspaper

What to do when the proverbial hits the fan

I’m sure you’ve read plenty on how we’re living in a VUCA world, and how we’re all working in uncertainty, with change all around us. It all sounds rather dramatic. But what does working in uncertainty look/feel like in reality, at a project level?
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&us team - working

Progress: A quiet rebellion

Well, here we are. Sandwiched between a pandemic, political upheaval, climate armageddon and the robots taking all our jobs. Enough has been written about the ability of unicorns to harness the internet and destabilise whole markets in moments…
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Notice anything different about us? We’ve had a bit of a makeover

It’s more than skin deep though. A brand is more than a logo – that’s just the most visible part. It’s in every bit of how we talk to and with our clients, how people perceive us as an organisation and how we show up in the world. It needs to come through loud and clear, however someone experiences us.
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One of &us: Emily Dent

Emily Dent, Partner

Emily is on a mission to build &us into a rebel alliance that can really make an impact in the world. What set Emily on this course?
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Making progress on Purpose

Frustration for change is something we see quite often in our clients. They see where they want to go, but how to get there, or how to make it happen is tantalisingly beyond their grasp. The power of what we do is in solving that frustration.
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Rocket Fuel

Welcome to Rocket Fuel

You’re here because you’re the kind of person who always asks “why?” In this case, why the hell is this blog called Rocket Fuel?
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