Tamsin Kendrick

Innovation Lead

What do you do at &us?

I design and run strategies and workstreams that empower and support our clients to innovate solutions to tricky challenges, coaching and upskilling as we go to nurture and grow high performing teams. I also work internally to support and grow our people and make sure we are who we need to be, to support you in the best way we can.

What do you care about most in your work?

Everything is connected in business, from your brand blueprint to your customer insight to your marketing strategy and internal employee culture. It is only when we understand the power and dynamic of this connectivity that we can make the strategic decisions needed to continually grow and shape our business in today’s ever changing world.

What did you do prior to &us?

A long time ago, before working in consultancies I was a content creator, poet and copywriter. I also have a post-grad in Psychology, focusing on Nudge techniques and behaviour change.

What you might not know about me…

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.” – from A Hat Full of Sky. I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan.

Talk to me about…

Talk to me about how you can make your vision and values the driving force behind who you are and everything you do.