Marcus Fogg

Marketing Manager

What do you do at &us?

As the Marketing Manager at &us, I work closely with the rest of the Growth team to help get the word out there about &us and all that the team achieves together with our clients. Some of my key focuses are:

  • Collaborating on general growth and marketing strategy.
  • Planning our presence at different events including conferences, &us-hosted events, webinars and more.
  • Managing the &us website, content, email marketing, SEO strategy, social media and paid ads channels.
  • Maintaining, and ensuring we get the most out of our CRM – HubSpot.

What do you care about most in your work?

What’s always appealed to me about marketing (particularly digital) is that it allows you to combine creativity with measurable results thanks to tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot and paid ad channels. I really enjoy being able to experiment and run different tests, then use these to inform future strategy and plans. 

I’d say I’m more of a generalist within marketing, and really enjoy working out how different marketing channels and touch-points can come together to help a brand have a consistent, strong presence for its audience.

What did you do prior to &us?

I spent the last 4+ years at a company called Famly – a Danish SaaS scaleup. They’re an all-in-one education software which helps manage the business admin, communication with families, and children’s learning. When I joined, there were just three of us in the marketing team, but by the time I left there were 30, and 150 across the wider organisation in 5 offices. Going through a large funding round and being part of that change was very exciting and great to see what we could achieve!

Earlier, I worked at a marketing agency called Reload, as well as the comms department at MAN Energy Solutions which is part of the Volkswagen group.

What you might not know about me…

I’m originally English but have lived in four countries – the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and Denmark. In the spring of 2023 I moved back to the UK and am really enjoying London life!

Outside of work I’m a big fan of travel, theatre running, yoga and reading. 

Talk to me about…

I’m always up for a chat about anything really!

When it comes to work, as my title suggests – all things marketing! In particular events/webinars, paid ads, SEO, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, HubSpot and Webflow.