Lynn Altayara

Senior Product Strategist

What do you do at &us?

I strategise… I set out to structure the problem and find out ways to tackle it to unlock value.

What do you care about most in your work?

I care about having an impact and solving a problem for others…. No matter how tiny it is, as long as it matters. I like doing so while enjoying the process and delivering high-quality work. Learning something new makes me excited about the work I do.

What did you do prior to &us?

Originally a nutritionist who fortunately evolved into a business innovation expert. I’ve worked on innovation & branding projects across the Middle East and then upon moving to London, I worked with Coca-Cola, scouting for emerging technologies and helping them find opportunities.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

I play tennis. I’ve played tennis since I was 10 and participated in championships but didn’t get to Wimbledon… yet.

Besides that I do a lot of Walkthinking… a term I just invented to say that I take long strolls and think about things… mostly dreaming big or listening to a podcast or sometimes just thinking of unnecessary stuff.

Talk to me about…

Tennis, travel, culture, I am open to anything really as I love talking about things that open my eyes and brain to what I don’t know.