Alex Dodd

Alex Dodd

Product Strategist

What do you do at &us?

Research, simplify, and help set direction for products, people and purpose. 

Ask the big questions, like why are we doing this? And what happens if we do nothing? (A personal favourite).

What do you care about most in your work?

Getting to the nugget of truth that just. Makes. Sense. 

Speaking to people and hearing the stories of what goes on in their world, from their seat. You can make a lot of progress with just a few hours of customer conversations. 

Setting a big monumental vision and going through the process of realising it is super achievable.

What did you do prior to &us?

I worked within marketing across a number of sectors, but enjoyed the research, product positioning and creativity more than anything else. I was always wanting to improve the products and services around me, so decided to make it my full time gig.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

Outside of work you’ll find me brewing my own beers and fermenting other strange alcoholic beverages. I’m quite an active person who spend many evening fighting dragons in dungeons.

Talk to me about…

The best idea you’ve ever had and how it is probably your worst.