We’re Hiring!

&us continues to grow, and fast, and we’re after more brilliant humans to help us in our mission to unleash the spirit of making for our clients. Are any of these you?

:mechanic: Lead Maker – Well don’t we like to make job titles hard? Think of this role as someone with hands-on experience in the product/innovation space. Someone who has led the creation of complex products, services and/or businesses and large digital/ OR innovation work.  https://andus.co/vacancy-lead-maker

:artist: Senior Product Designer – We need someone with strong UI skills who understands the whole design process. At least 4 years hands on experience designing products at an agency or consultancy.  https://andus.co/vacancy-senior-product-designer

We are also looking for a:

:farmer: Senior Product Strategist – We need an experienced strategist who has led strategy on products and business. They understand the reality of actually delivering products and services. This person has a consultative approach and is excited by working on gnarly problems. 

:kids: Junior Product Strategist – This person will be at the start of their career and will most likely have worked with teams on digital product discoveries and development. 1-2 years experience. 

:teacher: Senior Coach – We need someone with an innovation background who wants to help teams develop their innovation muscles. Ideally they have some kind of strategy/innovation agency or consultancy experience. 

:male-detective: Lead Innovation Coach – Similar to the Senior but with real transformation experience and who has led complex client projects. 

:astronaut: Innovation + Transformation Director – This super human will straddle making and coaching (blimey!). Their background is in innovation and transformation but they’ll also have real experience of delivering products, or services, or birthing new businesses.


We are also looking for a number of awesome freelancers… :female_superhero::supervillain:

  • Senior Strategists 
  • Lead Strategist 
  • Lead Transformation consultants 
  • Senior Innovation consultants

Visit our careers hub or contact @alex@andus.co for more information!