Web3 – How to get started

Right now, we’re turning the page on the next chapter of the internet, entitled ‘Web3’ 

Depending who you ask, this next chapter is either pencilled in, only half written or entirely blank! Whatever your take, it’s important you and your organisation understand how you can be a part of writing the future from a practical standpoint.

Meet the team – Temi Koleowo, Transformation

A natural solution provider, Temi is part of our transformation team, and is passionate about unlocking people’s potential. She’s supportive to clients, leading them through the challenge of innovation and new ways of working as well as leaning in to colleagues and internal projects.

Web3 – The cultural shift of ownership

Web3 technologies including (but not limited to) Crypto, NFTs, AI, AR, Metaverses, and DAOs  are enabling a culture shift with individuals demanding ownership of their assets, identity, data, time and attention; away from employers, brands and institutions.  Cultural shifts like this have been seen throughout history. Take the Golden Age of Piracy. Independent groups of people took control of their …

Webinar – How to harness your organisation’s purpose for growth

The purpose of purpose is by now well established: It helps organisations attract and retain top talent, improve decision-making, and build trust with stakeholders, ultimately leading to increased success and a lasting positive impact.  So how do you develop and harness your purpose for growth? We were in conversation with Patrick Mill and Vicki Baker, CEO and CPO respectively at …

Portrait of Ben Serbutt, Design Lead at &us

Meet the team – Ben Serbutt, Design

Ben is our Antipodean Design Lead, supporting and guiding our design team through the work, and their careers at &us. 

Passionate about both creativity and creating for good, read on to discover how he collaborate and connects with colleagues, what inspires him, and how he stays close to his roots.

Retrospective thinking

Good questions – Learning from endings

Retrospectives. An important tool for examining where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Ideally, they should provide a perfect opportunity to learn too–not just from what didn’t go so well, but also what did. Far too often, we only spend time examining the failures, not the successes. The reality is, whether things went well or not, a retrospective is an …