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You’re here because you’re the kind of person who always asks “why?”
In this case, why the hell is this blog called Rocket Fuel?

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As with most things we do, there’s science behind the name. To get rockets into orbit, they have to fight the inertia which keeps them tethered to the earth. Depending on the spacecraft and the mission, approximately 80% of a rocket’s propellant will be burned getting it off the launchpad.

Innovation and transformation are the same. You will need to apply an astonishing amount of energy at the beginning to power through the forces in your organisation that keep things the same. 

That is hard. And we’re here to give you the inspiration and stories to keep the momentum going so that you can achieve the change you want in your world. 

If you’re here, it means you’re someone who wants to get things moving, and you’re seeking the inspiration to increase your velocity. 

You are the rocket. Let us be some of the fuel.

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