Webinar: Experimenting with Web3 – the risks and rewards of emergent technologies


You’ve no doubt heard of technologies like blockchain, NFT’s and the Metaverse. They’re still in their infancy but are shaping up to be the next generation of the internet: Web3.

Join us at 3pm GMT on Wednesday 1st March 2023 to learn more about what Web3 means for your organisation, and how – and when – to start experimenting with it.


If the first iteration of the web was static (Read), and the second interactive (Read-Write), Web3 is all about decentralisation.

It is Read – Write – Own

This decentralisation will enable people to truly own and manage their content, identity and money online. And this has huge potential to disrupt traditional models. 

As with all change, these technologies offer great opportunities.

It can feel confusing and overwhelming. At this stage the tech is still very complex to grasp and the UX is challenging. But that will change. So how do you make sense of it all, avoid getting left behind, and get started without betting the farm?

It all starts with experimentation.

Low cost, low risk experiments can allow you to explore the potential of Web3 for your organisation while also enabling you to iteratively navigate its challenges. 

This approach will not only enable you to find your way in Web3, but will also help you build a culture of innovation in your organisation, a necessity for our increasingly uncertain future.

Making sense of Web3

Join us at 3pm on Wednesday 1st March 2023 when we’ll be in conversation with Scott Doran, SVP Global Creative Licensing, BMG Production Music and Jon Moss, Customer Engagement Director at iconic retailer Fortnum & Mason.

We’ll be talking about how Web3 is going to disrupt what you do, how to approach it, and how to use it to build your organisation’s innovation and resilience muscles.

You’ll learn:

  • How to start thinking about Web3 – what is it, it’s potential and what it means for your organisation and customers.
  • How to approach Web3  – Questions to ask. Where to start. And where you shouldn’t.

You’ll hear from:

  • Scott Doran, SVP Global Creative Licensing, Sony BMG Production Music on the potential risks and possible rewards of Web3.
  • Jon Moss, Customer Engagement Director, Fortnum & Mason about how we’re creating a secure foundation for F&M to learn through play in Web3, without getting overwhelmed.

You’ll get:

Our free downloadable decision matrix to help you identify how to start experimenting with Web3 in your organisation.

Who should attend?
Anyone whose organisation is interested in getting started with Web3 but are unsure about how to do it.

Our speakers

Scott Doran

SVP Global Creative Licensing, BMG Production Music

Scott has a keen interest in crypto and blockchain technologies and where the space is heading. He has 20+ years of experience in both the commercial and production music business.

Starting his career as a singer song writer playing in bands, he went on to found a multi-million-pound music publishing company, which was acquired by BMG, where Scott works as global SVP for Production Music.

Jon Moss

Customer Engagement Director, Fortnum & Mason 

With over 10 years’ experience in commercial, lifecycle management, segmentation and customer retention at brands such as Sky and News UK, Jon Moss started as Customer Engagement Director at Fortnum & Mason in 2022.

As a keen advocate of test and learn, he is focussed on improving customer experience across all Fortnum’s channels, connecting data and insights to facilitate targeting and personalisation, as well as identifying trends and behaviours to support business growth.

Rob Fletcher-Isaacs

Co-founder, &us

Rob works across &us’ major clients, where he looks to bring pragmatic, yet challenging, guidance to how teams can innovate and change the way they work to deliver more value more frequently.

He also has a healthy obsession with creating businesses, and is always looking for new ways to drive value for organisations and customers through innovation. Before setting up &us, he worked with retail and finance organisations in the UK, including EDF, Unilever, Visa and Argos to spearhead their digital transformations and adopt agile ways of working.

Rob Isaacs

Join our webinar and discover how experimenting with Web3 technology can open the doors to a culture of innovation. We’ll be discussing:

  • WTF is Web3 again? a whistlestop tour through the fundamentals.
  • Emerging technologies and how they’re being used and applied in different industries.
  • Balancing risk and reward when getting started with Web3.
  • The questions you need to ask – of your organisation, your teams and most importantly, your customers.
  • How to get started.

Join us online for the live webinar when you’ll be able to join in the discussion with live questions, and discover how to use Web3 to make your organisation future-ready.

Everyone who registers will receive a copy of our Web3 decision matrix to help guide you through this emergent landscape.

3pm, Wednesday 1st March, 2023