Webinar: Did you do that on purpose? How to harness your organisation’s purpose for growth


If you want your organisation to be future-ready, getting clarity on your purpose is essential.

It’s a strategic tool for growth and innovation that galvanises your teams to deliver on your business mission.

Join us online at 3pm on Wednesday 30th November to discover why purpose matters and how to uncover and embed purpose in your organisation.

Purpose – a core and enduring motivation for your company – helps guide your decisions, especially the tough ones, and even more so in an uncertain environment. It’s a navigation tool for the future.

Over the past three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with countless CEOs and to learn what distinguishes truly great companies. Time and again, what they all share is that they have a clear sense of purpose.”

Larry Fink, BlackRock Chief Executive, January 2022 letter to CEOs 

Purpose-driven organisations routinely outperform organisations with no purpose. It’s both a north star and a key element of an innovation culture.

Join us on Wednesday 30th November to discover how to uncover your purpose, experiment to deliver it, and how to build it into your culture to empower everyone in the organisation to drive growth.

The purpose of purpose

Clear purpose means everyone in your organisation knows what you’re there to do, so they can all pull in the same direction. And when the context around you shifts – as it inevitably will – everyone will understand what they need to do to adapt because the overall destination hasn’t changed, just maybe what or how you do it has.

And that’s especially true during turbulent times


Getting to purpose is the first part. To leverage its power you also need the right structures in place so that as well as supporting your purpose, your people can deliver on it through their work.

In our webinar we’ll be in conversation with Patrick Mill and Vicky Baker, respectively CEO and Chief People Office at Novia Financial.

Following a recent restructure Novia’s new, ambitious leadership team have a clear vision for the organisation they want to be, and have given themselves a bold 5 year target to achieve it. And they understand that a clear purpose that the whole organisation can get behind is critical to their success. They’ll be sharing their journey with &us to uncover their purpose, how they’re bringing their teams along with them and the impact it’s having within their organisation. 

Our speakers

Patrick Mill, CEO, Novia Financial

Patrick was Managing Director at Bradford and Bingley for over 13 years and ran the UK’s largest IFA network at the time.

Since then he has held a number of roles in the advice industry before working with AnaCap Financial Partners for three years to develop its Wealth Management strategy and the acquisition of Wealthtime and Amber. Patrick has been Group CEO and a board member since July 2021.

Patrick is a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur and tries to attend as many games as possible. He has two grown up children, Charlotte and Ollie, who both followed him into marketing and banking. When he isn’t cheering on Spurs, you’ll find him on the golf course or renovating properties.

Vicki Baker, Chief People Officer, Novia Financial

Vicki has over 20 years’ HR leadership experience across a number of sectors, including retail, technology and financial services. She has a strong background in cultural transformation and has a relentless focus on realising both organisation and individual potential. She is CIPD qualified with a diploma in executive coaching.

She joined Quilter plc in 2008 and became Head of HR for the UK OM Investment Platform in 2012, before becoming Head of HR of Quilter Financial Planning. She has played a leading part in the integration of several acquisitions into the Quilter Group and was involved in preparing Old Mutual Wealth for separation from Old Mutual and its independent listing as Quilter plc on the London & Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2018.

Vicki has three young children who keep her very busy, she’s a keen snowboarder and plays netball for her local team.

Emily Dent, Partner and Coaching Director, &us

Emily Dent is Partner and Director of Transformation at &us. She leads global client organisations and teams through the thinking and practices to become more innovative. Having spent her early career as a journalist, and as head of content and community at award-winning independent creative agency St. Luke’s. She’s since led market-defining start-ups, worked on the Olympics in 2012, and for the last 10 years has worked at a senior level in innovation consultancies.

She is passionate about changing the world for the better, by working with organisations and individuals to think about what the future might hold.

The principles of playfulness, iteration and collaboration underpin how she likes to get things done, and she’s just as motivated by finding an elegant answer as by the development journey people go on.

Emily Dent, Partner and Coaching Director, &us

The discussion will cover:

  • Why purpose drives innovation and growth
  • Why purpose should be uncovered, not created
  • How to experiment to find and build your purpose 
  • How to build purpose into your culture so people do it rather than think it
  • What structures you need to build
  • How to deal with obstacles and challenges along the way

Join us online for the live webinar when you’ll be able to join in the discussion with live questions, and discover how to leverage the power of purpose in your organisation.

Everyone who registers will receive a copy of our guide to experimenting with purpose.

3pm, Wednesday 30th November, 2022