Esther Ajose

Esther Ajose

Senior Innovation Coach

What do you do at &us?

Resident question asker & wonder-er? Oh so why do we do it that way? I wonder if…
I solemnly swear that I’m usually up to (good) trouble.

What do you care about most in your work?

Being open with clients, in a way that gives us permission to be creative in how we collectively get to solutions that they feel at the very heart of.

What did you do prior to &us?

More innovation magic mixed with human insights. Culture Strategy magic. Pulling on my background in social anthropology and innovation to help people better see, feel and make things happen.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

I created an Instagram-live conversation space called ‘Outtakes’ where we bring guests on to discuss kitchen table conversation in the open (race, politics, intersectionality, black-ity-black stuff, non-black-ity black stuff etc etc). Also writing a collection of written work called “Aperture” a la “sisterhood of travelling pants” style.

Talk to me about…

I’m an anthro-enthusiast, so anything anthro. Intersectionality. Jill Scott. And wine.