Aleks Jaroszek

Aleks Jaroszek

Senior Product Strategist

What do you do at &us?

I figure out what matters to people, what problems need solving and how to translate this into meaningful innovation. I typically work with clients on building new products and services but generally spend time asking questions, coming up with weird ideas and pivoting with the agility of a border collie.

What do you care about most in your work?

I love helping people figure things out and see breakthroughs in action. I care about empowering others and creating a creative environment that helps us solve meaningful problems together.

What did you do prior to &us?

I freelanced on the Macmillan innovation team and at NHS Test&Trace building a national testing service. Before that I spent several years at C Space becoming super clued up on insights and running an Open Innovation programme.

What you might not know about me…

I get real nerdy about vegetarian cooking – you’ll find me reading cookbooks before bed, going to classes, and spending an hour on youtube learning about steel pans. If not at home I’m probably queuing at Padella.

Also… I’ve listened to literally all of the Ted Radio Hour podcasts ever created. I like learning about psychology, behavioural economics and space!

Talk to me about…

How you’re doing. Or… pasta.